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Can the acrylic box be used as a food packaging box?
- Aug 10, 2018 -

Food safety is a topic that everyone is very concerned about. In addition to the hygiene of the food itself, the carrier for holding food is also very important. Acrylic boxes are often used in supermarkets for bulk foods and as food packaging. A person who knows a little about Acrylic may ask: Can an acrylic box be used as a food packaging box?

Perhaps many people have the impression that acrylic is an industrial material, and the understanding of acrylic is still used in acrylic products such as acrylic display racks, handicrafts, architectural decoration and so on. In fact, this is one-sided. For different purposes, acrylic materials are also graded, ranging from industrial grade materials used in industrial manufacturing to fire retardant materials used in architectural decoration; of course, food grade acrylic for food packaging.

Food-grade acrylic is in line with food safety standards. Acrylic is only heated, and the gas generated during the burning process causes physical discomfort, so it cannot be microwaved and heated. However, in the usual use, the acrylic box does not produce any harmful substances, so the acrylic box can be used as a food packaging box.