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How to choose and install a spiral wound gasket
- Jun 15, 2018 -

First, pay attention to the following points when purchasing metal spiral wound gasket products:

1. It is best to use manufacturing company products that have a sound quality management system and operate effectively, and have manufacturing licenses for special equipment (pressure piping components) and valid type test reports.

2. The gasket body surface is not allowed to be affected by the sealing properties of scars, voids, rough and rust spots. The non-metallic strip on the surface of the gasket body should be even and properly higher than the metal strip. The texture between the layers should be clear, but the metal strips should not be exposed. The distance between the solder joints of the metal spiral wound gasket should be even and there should be no defects such as unmelted or over-melted. The surface of the reinforcing ring shall be free from burrs, unevenness, and rust. The distance between the lower sealing surface and the reinforcement ring and the lower surface of the gasket body should be equal. The reinforcement ring and gasket main body should be firmly fixed and cannot be loosened; the outer reinforcement ring gasket body should be positioned and properly loosened.

3, compression rate, rebound rate and sealing performance are important performance indicators of the gasket. In general, under the premise of satisfying the compression ratio requirement, the higher the rebound rate is, the better; and on the premise of meeting the rebound rate standard, the compression The test value of the rate is also larger. Choose a product with good sealing performance, moderate compression ratio, and high rebound rate.

4, according to working conditions, the flange sealing surface gasket type.

Second, when installing a spiral wound gasket, the following points should be noted:

1, carefully check the quality of flanges, bolts, nuts and washers before installation, carefully check the flange or interface installation conditions, whether there is partial mouth, wrong mouth, open mouth, wrong holes and other defects.

2. The flange or seal surface must be clean. Mechanical impurities must not adhere to the gasket surface and bolts or threads.

3, gaskets can not be installed, should ensure uniform compression.

4. When tightening the nut, apply the force evenly. The bolt is symmetrically divided into 2 to 3 times and tightened so that the washer is pressed evenly.