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PTFE gasket has extra features
- Nov 09, 2018 -

For PTFE gaskets, if the sealing part presents a problem, it will have a great influence on the bearing, such as irregular shape, lack of meat, fine cracks, etc. These may be dangerous. Such a seal cannot be used. All said that bearing seals are extremely important for SKF. Because the PTFE gasket has extra data function, it rarely shows the above situation, so it is more used by the manufacturer. The SKF imported bearing sealing test is assembled in the assembled cylinder seal joint and its joint. Check the reliability of the job. For example, the sealing and connection of the cylinder port, the piston of the cylinder (between the rod cavity and the rodless cavity), the static seal and the sealing condition.

When the frame of the machine to which the cylinder belongs is used to receive the infinite pressure, it is possible to assemble the cylinder extremely well. The PTFE gasket cylinder will be very smooth in the final assembly pressure test. It not only saves the tooling that is pressed by the cylinder after assembling, but also saves the corresponding working hours, and also shortens the production cycle, which is very useful for the production. If the operator does not carefully review and work carefully, it will result in a small loss.

The pressure of SKF imported bearing sealing test is very large. The PTFE gasket is especially suitable for the pressure test of the rodless cavity. If there is no tooling acceptance, the pressure is not applied to the piston rod and the piston exerts a large pressure on the piston rod. It is definitely not acceptable if you only accept the connection of the cylinder port. Therefore, in general, this kind of pressure test is carried out after careful assembly of the oil cylinder before entering the assembly machine.

Therefore, before installing SKF bearings, the dimensional accuracy of the associated parts should be carefully checked. The sealing parts will fail due to the dimensional accuracy of the sealing groove or the roughness of the sealing surface. In addition, it is especially necessary to look at the sealing lip, and it is not possible to put the defective sealing member into the product. In addition, the raw materials, hardness and other objectives of SKF imported bearing seals should be checked against the commodity certificate and the outbound order. It is very necessary to check frequently to avoid negligence, which will be useful to prevent the quality of the product from presenting problems.