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What are the fillers in the metal wound gasket?
- Oct 12, 2018 -

Metal-wound gaskets are used in all walks of life. Of course, the demand for gaskets varies from industry to industry, resulting in a wide variety of gaskets to choose from.

Below we will introduce three common metal wound gaskets, which are named after the name of the filler.

First, asbestos winding mat, this kind of filling can resist large temperature difference, and the pressure resistance is excellent. The steel strip is mainly made of stainless steel 304, while the inner and outer rings are made of carbon steel. These gaskets are very resistant to heat pits and can be used under large temperature differences.

Second, the graphite winding mat, although the filler is not as good as asbestos, but also has a strong resistance to heat and cold, the steel strip is mainly made of stainless steel 316, the inner ring outer ring is made of stainless steel 304, its performance is relatively average.

Three, PTFE winding mat, this filler is extremely resistant to cold, the steel strip is made of stainless steel 316L, and the stainless steel 316 used in the outer ring of the inner ring has excellent cold resistance, suitable for low temperature production. And the machine.

Different gaskets are applied in different directions. Only the best use of materials can play the most important role. When selecting metal wound gaskets, it is necessary to understand their characteristics and uses.