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What is the difference between high temperature resistant mica and mica?
- Jan 18, 2019 -

In fact, the high temperature resistant mica sheet is a mature product after processing, and the mica gasket retains the characteristics of mica. It has very different characteristics. In many cases, the mica sheet is the same as the mica sheet and the mica board.

Mica board is a plate-like material made of mica paper made of natural mica slag and tempered by resin. The thickness of mica is generally 500-1000 degrees. The high temperature resistant mica sheet can be more than 1400. The effect of high temperature is better!

Natural mica gasket is a high temperature resistant insulation material that can be used at 800 ° C for a long time. It has good mechanical properties, heat resistance and electrical insulation properties, large volume resistivity and good dielectric loss. A good price advantage in similar products is an indispensable product with good performance!