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Classification Of Ceramic Fibers
- Apr 08, 2018 -

Ceramic fiber is made through double-sided needle punching process. It is widely used in high temperature and low temperature environment. Nowadays, depending on the production process, we generally divide the ceramic fiber blanket into two types. Is throwing silk blanket, a kind of spray blanket.

1. The diameter of the filaments: The filaments are coarser, the spinning fibers are generally 3.0-5.0 m, and the spinning fibers are generally 2.0-3.0 m;

2. The length of the filaments: the length of the filaments is longer, the filaments are generally 150-250mm, and the filaments are generally 100-200mm;

3. Thermal conductivity: The spray blanket is superior to the fleece blanket due to its finer fibers;

4. Tensile and flexural strength: The fleece blanket is superior to the spray blanket due to its thicker fibers;

5. The application of making ceramic fiber blocks: Since the spinning silk blanket is thicker and longer than the spray blanket, the blown fiber blanket can be easily broken and torn during the folding process of the block production. It can be folded very tightly and is not easily damaged. The quality of the block will directly affect the quality of the lining;

6. Application of large-scale blankets such as waste heat boilers in vertical floors: Because of the thick and long fiber filaments, the silk-flying blanket has better tensile strength and durability, so the silk-flying blanket is superior to the spray blanket.